This is a digital only single. All proceeds from purchases will be donated to the White Helmets (https://www.whitehelmets.org/en). The song's lyrics were written as a memorial homage to Brian's grandfather, who passed away recently at the age of 105. Given that he was a refugee who immigrated from Austria-Hungary to the United States to escape the rising tide of fascism in the nineteen twenties, we found it fitting to donate to an organization that works actively to aid those in Syria.

a century of spins and now this world ain’t for me
just let me see the spring sun of Austria-Hungary
a crippled vessel adrift in a foreign age
set me in the river’s stroke, across a golden page

bound to this bed
where the decades tangle in my head
my mother’s eyes in the Ellis Island halls
and the soldiers’ boots; I can see it all

the birthing room, the Detroit plumes – I can see it all
the synagogue, the Berkeley fog – I can see it all
the wedding dress, her final breath – I can see it all
the molecules, expansive grace
the web in stars, the void’s embrace

dissolve to dust
I’m coming home.


from The Mill - White Helmets Charity Digital Single, track released January 5, 2017



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Great Apes San Francisco, California

Jan. 13: Fireside Lounge, Alameda
March 3: Oakland

Insert hype-up descriptors here. Plain and simple, Great Apes are a lyrical punk band from San Francisco. While we all have been or are in an array of more complex projects, this band is founded on pop-sensible simplicity and the notion that music, much like a bio, is often at its best when it’s spit out intensely, with concision and honesty. ... more

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