Saint Brasher

from by Great Apes



I found a hidden shelter
down in Room 23
lunch left of the dial
with Ms. Kennedy

stale coffee and old books
a worn stack of LPs
a poster of Saroyan
Beat Happening

Into the Wild, in her I confide
through Big Sur, let the luminary guide
she’s Antolini in a school of hacks and phonies
when the Bell Tolls, I leave riding a Red Pony

I found my voice
with the unsung heroes
I found my place
with the Less Than Zeroes

she could see the shine
sinking in my eyes
and she said,
“The hurt will ebb and flow on manic tides.”
Into the Unknown, let the Out of Step guide
beneath the Crooked Rain, with her by my side
in a Room Without a Window, she’s a set of stairs
oh, she dared to dare, so I Will Dare

she said, “be careful, boy. this town it’s so cruel.
squeeze every drop of life – drink until you’re full.”
she made us think - she let us bend the rules
and they fired her right after school


from California Heart, released October 14, 2016



all rights reserved


Great Apes San Francisco, California

Jan. 13: Fireside Lounge, Alameda
March 3: Oakland

Insert hype-up descriptors here. Plain and simple, Great Apes are a lyrical punk band from San Francisco. While we all have been or are in an array of more complex projects, this band is founded on pop-sensible simplicity and the notion that music, much like a bio, is often at its best when it’s spit out intensely, with concision and honesty. ... more

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