Bullard Hex

from by Great Apes



uninvited on Halloween
to a party full of philistines
I went as an invisible man
I spied still in the shaking halls
and walked through the sweating walls
with a red plastic cup in my hand
varsity vampires bared their teeth
to the searing sounds of techno beats
the dance floor was a horde of living dead
in the backyard feral kittens squealed
as a window left ajar revealed
a nurse giving Teen Wolf head

above the banter of the rabid dogs
the bong smoke swirled into an eerie fog
Jenny from art class smiled at me
a gesture of pity and sympathy

awkwardly I tried to wave
but retreated to my shallow grave
banished to the basement with the freaks
medieval knights with twelve sided dice
robotic nerds and punks with spikes
upstairs the witches began to shriek
around about twelve the cops hit the lights
and the roaches scattered into the night
I grabbed the nearest bottle and hopped the fence
in the empty streets I bobbed and weaved
through the candy wrappers and pumpkin seeds
the ghost of childhood past in present tense

I snuck in late through the sliding door
and puked into my dresser drawer
staring at a spinning ceiling / strangled by the sheets
in a world of silent monsters, I lay there counting sheep


from California Heart, released October 14, 2016


all rights reserved



Great Apes San Francisco, California

Insert hype-up descriptors here. Plain and simple, San Francisco's Great Apes are a lyrical punk band. Music, much like a bio, is often at its best when it’s spit out intensely and quickly, with concision and honesty.


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